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Joseph Magnus Vigilant Navy Strength Gin
750ml | SKU 82830
14 Available

Packs a punch at 114 proof and bestows a backbone to classic gin cocktails. Crafted from 100 percent corn distillate, steeped and distilled with smoky harissa, its dry-medium body features 4-year-old Italian juniper, figs, fresh mint, lemon, hops, and hibiscus for a crisp and sophisticated finish.

Joseph Magnus Vigilant Navy Strength Gin – Instead of just kicking up the proof for the Navy Strength offering, Magnus changed the recipe entirely with an equally unique combination of botanicals including harissa, figs, hops, and hibiscus. Like the District Dry, the juniper is somewhat hard to find on the nose. Instead, there’s raisin, licorice, wildflowers and fresh lemon zest. Only after some digging does a bit of pine forest emerge, but it’s sweet and subdued. While the nose is good, the palate is simply remarkable. I never knew a gin could be rich in texture, but this is definitely a rich gin with a big, creamy body full of candied lemon peel, tropical fruits, tangy red pepper, and Fig Newtons. The juniper, which was hand foraged in Oregon, is beautifully balanced with no bite but plenty of sappy, earthy sweetness. The finish lingers like a fine whisky with notes of black licorice and shortbread cookies. It almost seems a shame to put this in a cocktail, but at this proof, it can easily stand up in one.
Joseph Magnus
District of Columbia
Barcode: 851437006055