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Bapt & Clem's (Francis Darroze) 2009 (Guadeloupe) Rum
750ml | SKU 84551
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As something very special, Marc Darroze has been allowed to buy a batch of vintage rum from 2009 by Reimonenq Distillery in Guadeloupe. It is certainly not everyday one see rums from Reimonenq in independent bottlings. The rum from Guadeloupe, and Reimonenq, is made on the freshly squeezed sugar cane juice rather than molasses, and is of the Rhum Agricole type.

Marc Darroze has a personal relationship with the distillery, and has therefore had the opportunity to select some individual casks from there.

The rum has an aroma that balances vanilla, candied fruit, fresh coffee and cream cake. In addition, liquorice, roasted coffee and cedar. On the taste, the rum is superbly balanced with sweet elements as well as spices including white pepper. The rum is bottled at 46% alcohol.

Bapt & Clem's is an independent bottler from southwest France, specifically the Armagnac region. The man behind the company is Marc Darroze, who for 20 years has worked with the armagnac brand Darroze. Throughout his work with armagnac, Marc has found the joy of the world's spirits, including both rum, cognac and calvados. This joy has led Marc to develop Bapt & Clem's - a new and independent liquor brand named after his two sons, Baptiste and Clément.

Francis Darroze
Barcode: 3760070604603