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Pratt Standard - True Ginger Syrup

16oz | SKU 81870 | 12 Available

Royal Rose Natural Cocktail Syrup (organic)

16oz | SKU 72216 | 24 Available

Royal Rose Three Chile Organic Simple Syrup

8oz. | SKU 72584 | Available

Royal Rose Lavender-Lemon Organic Syrup

8oz | SKU 59170 | Available

Small hand foods - Passion Fruit Syrup

8.5oz | SKU 82359 | Available

Small Hand Foods Organic Passion Fruit Syrup 8.5oz/251ml Passion Fruit is native to South America but grown widely in lush climates around the world, resulting in its use in tiki-style and other tropical drinks. It is called for in a Hurricane, a drink...


Small hand foods - Grenadine Syrup

8.5oz | SKU 82357 | Available

Small Hand Foods Organic Grenadine Syrup 8.5oz/251ml The ubiquitous cherry-red bottle of syrup holding court at every bar, modern grenadine is a far cry from its pomegranate origins. Many cultures enjoy pomegranate juice when it is available, as did ea...


Small hand foods - pineapple gum syrup

8.5oz | SKU 82358 | Available

Small Hand Foods Organic pineapple gum syrup 8.5oz/251ml A pineapple-infused gum syrup made by pressing fresh fruit and blending it with gum syrup, resulting in a golden amber syrup with high viscosity, bright acidity and exceptionally rich mouthfeel. ...


Small hand foods - Tonic Syrup

8.5oz | SKU 87652 | 12 Available