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Quiereme Mucho Tobala Mezcal 750ml

750ml | SKU 86982 | Available

Quiereme Mucho Tobala is made wild maguey Tobala by maestro mezcalero Wilibaldo Rodriguez. The ABV will vary by bottle, but should be between 45-47%. This mezcal is traditionally produced, and the cooked agave are hand-crushed. It has a sweet, fruity arom...


El Silencio Espadin Mezcal 750ml

750ml | SKU 71625 | 12 Available
Mezcal El Silencio is made in Oaxaca, Mexico, using the traditional process carried on by generations of mezcaleros. Meticulously picked agaves are roasted, crushed, and double distilled, resulting in a full-bodied flavor.

Fidencio Pechuga Mezcal 750ml

750ml | SKU 65610 | Available

Pechuga - This is the point in the process when Pechuga becomes unique. Undiluted Cl?sico is put back in the still for a third distillation and bottled, undiluted at 47.8%. Along with the mezcal, we add our traditional mixture of fruit: quince, apples, ba...


Fidencio Madrecuixe Mezcal 750ml

750ml | SKU 65611 | Available

Fidencio Madrecuixe is made with wild maguey Madrecuixe. This wild agave is harvested after 12-15 years of growth and pit roasted over black oak for five days then double distilled. Mezcalero Enrique Jimenez makes this Mezcal in Santiago Matatlan, Oaxaca....


Fidencio Clasico Mezcal 750ml

750ml | SKU 67291 | Available

This Mezcal is made by mezcalero Enrique Jimenez in Santiago Matatlán, Oaxaca. This Mezcal has a delicate taste of wood smoke and green pepper scents. It has a flavor profile of tobacco, tar, and pine.


Fidencio Unico Mezcal 750ml

750ml | SKU 58540 | Available
Fidencio's Unico Sin Humo mezcal involves two unconventional steps in the distilling process. First, the pinas for this mezcal are not hot-smoked in a barbacoa but are instead cooked in a specially-created radiant heat oven; this method thus leaves out smoky flavors and allows the base characteristics of the espadin agave to shine through. Second, this mezcal is watered back to 40% ABV, making this an easy introduction to mezcal for the casual drinker or a more sophisticated drinker’s way to approach the espadin’s flavors without a smoke overlay. Proof: 80

Ilegal Joven Mezcal 750ml

750ml | SKU 58292 | 11 Available
Ilegal Joven is ideal for cocktails and perfect to be sipped on its own. It has deep agave aromas, and hints of green apple, citrus and white pepper.

Ilegal Reposado Mezcal 750ml

750ml | SKU 58293 | Available

Ilegal Mezcal has a beautifully balanced profile, with a mouth full of agave and a hint of smoke. Handcrafted in small batches by fourth-generation mezcaleros, our Joven, Reposado, and Añejo mezcals are all made with perfectly ripe, sustainable Es...


Ilegal Anejo Mezcal 750ml

750ml | SKU 65250 | Available
Aged for 4 months in ex-bourbon barrels. Sweet agave, light smoke. Toffee, vanilla, and hints of butterscotch and caramelized pear on the palate. Velvety throughout.
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